Tuesday, July 31

I would like to propose a toast to those going back.
Enjoy it for all of us.
Good luck guys!

Tuesday, July 17

New Post Needed

Ok, so I haven't posted in a long time. I wish I could say I have been away from computers or been too busy or been doing at least something! But I can't. Truth be told, I have been too boring to write anything. I work, I eat, I workout, I sleep. Occasionally, there is a movie, a new restaurant, a new friend, but it never seems worth a posting.

America is just not as exciting as Guinea, although it is nice not to have to worry about survival every day. No bush taxi adventures here - I drive an Altima. No sheeps head-butting me - only dogs passing by when I walk in Wash Park. No hazardous bikerides through downtown Siguiri - I ride stationary bikes at the gym now.

So, pardon the boringness and lack of posting. I need to find the small inspirations in my life again.