Friday, September 30

Never Stop Jumping Up and Down

I reread an old post of mine (from when I was with xanga), and it almost made me cry. I am going to Guinea.

Go and check it out:

Tuesday, September 27

I Heart Professor DeMartino

He really rocks. Met with him today for about an hour and we discussed my future and my past and my current and heterodox economic theory and a reading list for Africa and my old prof from CC and soccer and PhD programs and chicks in econ and isolation in academia due to your views.

We talked a lot. Or rather, DeMartino talked a lot. I took notes on authors, schools, and websites.

I feel better. I can do it.

BTW - I am going to Guinea!

Life rocks.

Monday, September 26

Wicked (I'm not using it as a synonym for "cool")

So, tonight, my friends and I went to see Wicked, which was FABULOUS! It has many different themes, and you can pick which one you wish to cling to: friendship, adversity, love, politics... I went for the "following your dreams in the face of adversity" one. I figure the path of my life is not going to be an easy one - well, at least regarding my career. According to Beyond Economic Man, one of the first texts on feminist economic theory, women in the field of heterodox economics are often ostracized and live a "lonely existence." If she wants to go into econ, a woman must become hard, callus, almost un-feminized. And, ummm.... most of you have met me, and I don't think I could ever be un-feminized. I am a chick's chick, and I really like pink skirts.

But, in the musical, the Wicked Witch of the West is trying to do good and stop the crazy dictatorial wizard from brainwashing everyone and making Oz just a happy, content place. She is only trying to do good, but the brainwashed Munchkins (aka, most of America) think she is evil. And with my theories, I may be just like her - trying to do a decent thing, but viewed by many as backwards, wrong, working against the system, evil. This theme of the musical resonated very strongly with me.

But to show different themes that made many viewers search inside, connect with the musical on a deeper level, I will tell you my friend, Sarah's first reaction to the musical. (Before I do, I will also say that she later went on about the political themes and the the history is a lie theme and all). But anyway, right after the show she asked "I wonder if the scarecrow has a real penis or if it is made out of straw too. And I wonder if that creates a problem for him and the Wicked Witch of the West." We laughed all the way home.

Saturday, September 24

Ok, I am going to get work done today before salsa.... ummm...why am I updating the blog?

So, as my last post may convey, I am back to my nerdy Amy ways. Or at least I am really trying to be good. C'mon, why can't I just concentrate for 8 weeks more and do well this quarter?

Last night, I was excited to head home after a long day of class, meetings, work, the gym, etc to get some reading done so I can enjoy the weekend. But on my way to my car at around 6:00, I ran into the goddamn Security Party. I shouldn't have stopped, but I did. But I was still planning on leaving about 10 minutes later. Ok, fine, I left GSIS 4 hours later. Drunk. Turned out to be fun, or at least amusing....

So, I am going to TURN OFF the computer right now and get to work - make up for last night. And then I am off to salsa! I will update more later.

Wednesday, September 14

Nerdy Amy.....

So, it is officially the end of summer. We, here at DU, have all started the quarter again. Am I ready to buckle down and finish the academic half of my Masters Program? Yes.

And I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 7

Chris' Meatloaf Birthday Party

Chris and Sara spooning after a long day of work

The cupcakes make their appearance


Happy 24th, Chris!


Bernie (L) and Nick (R)


And we have a video of Nick admitting to usually eating a cupcake in two bites. If anyone wants it, let me know!

Monday, September 5

Time in DC

Making (and eating) cupcakes for Chris' birthday!

Sorry, we out. Of gas that is.....

Sara and I at Lauriol Plaza
Oh, and Barbara and I took a video of Sara walking down the street ahead of us. "Why?" you may ask. We had been drinking.... We don't remember. But you can hear us giggling in the background. If anyone wants to see Sara's butt walking down the street, let me know and I can email it to you.