Thursday, November 29

Life is good.

I have finished my Masters.

Yesterday, I got an email from my favorite professor, George DeMartino, saying he had graded my "Substantial Research Paper" (SRP), and I had gotten an A! An A!

When I picked up the paper this morning, there was the following comment:

"Nicely done. Beautifully writtten and well argued. You demonstrate the theoretical sophistication of a scholar AND the writing ease of a journalist - a rare combination indeed."

I am so happy! I feel that my efforts in the last 3 years have finally paid off. This paper really brought the whole experience together - Peace Corps and GSIS. I invested a lot in writing it--so much so that I was scared for others to read it. But it has paid off, and I am very proud of my accomplishment.

So, now onto the celebrations!