Wednesday, March 4

MK Made Me Do It!

MK started her own blog, which inspired me to take a look at mine once again. I realize I have not had much to say for awhile. Why not? Nothing seemed as blog-worthy as my adventures in Guinea, which I have successfully mourned for over two years. I say "successfully" because I am now not only an evacuated PCV; I am more. But for awhile there, I was wallowing in in a bit of self-doubt, grief, and disappointment. And those things bred silence within me. Aside from the occasional BBC article link, I have been quiet for nearly two years.

But now, I am back and better than ever.

Thanks, MK, for the inspiration.

1 comment:

Mary Kate said...

YAY! So glad you are ready to blog again! My brother got me into it and it is really fun!